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Housing & Living in Salamanca

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In addition to the quality education we offer, Letra Hispánica provides accommodation in carefully selected families, apartments, residences or shared flats.

About Salamanca

Inviting Salamanca. With a population of 170,000, Salamanca is a safe and peaceful city. The old city can be traversed from one side to the other in 30 minutes, where you will encounter an open and friendly local population. As Cervantes, who knew the city well, wrote: “Everyone who experiences the peace of Salamanca is enchanted, and must return to her.”

Collegiate Salamanca and Salamanca by night. Known as "the Athens of Castile” and "Little Rome,” Salamanca has three universities with more than 40,000 students. The public university was founded in 1218, and has grown to encompass a city full of libraries, theatres, cinemas, galleries and much more. The city at night is a hive of student activity, which continues into the early hours of the morning with “la marcha” moving into its many clubs and bars. For a more tranquil experience there are the “la tuna” players serenading the beautiful Castilian women on their balconies, and moonlit walks through the historic Old City.

Monumental Salamanca. Salamanca’s variety and multitude of historic buildings has earned it the title of ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site.’ The local sandstone, from which the city is built, gives the name: “Salamanca, the Golden City.” Of particular interest are the magnificent Plaza Mayor, the two Cathedrals, and the innumerable convents, palaces, churches and private houses.

Salamanca and the Humanities. From the Songs of Alfonso the Wise of Castile, to Nebrija’s celebrated first Spanish Grammar, Salamanca has consistently brought Spanish letters and language together. Her streets ring with the steps and voices of Fray Luis de Leon, Fernando de Rojas, Garcilaso, the unknown author of Lazarillo del Tormes, Góngora, Esproncedo and Unamuno, Carmen Martín Gaite and Torrente Ballester, among many, many others.

Letra Hispánica is a Spanish Academy offering courses in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture. Our courses cover all aspects of the rich tapestry of Hispanic culture and language. All our students receive individual attention for their specific needs and requests.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the old motto "enseñar deleitando" ("teach so that learning is a delight"). We want every student to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge in the classroom as well as knowledge based on real world experience. That is why we encourage and promote personal contact with professors, writers, artists and intellectuals in addition to other students from Salamanca. The genuine regard we have for Hispanic culture fosters our dedication and enthusiasm. We are committed to a vision without stereotypes.

Our classrooms are located in a modern and spacious building in the heart of Salamanca, three minutes walk from the Main Square, (La Plaza Mayor). Our academy is fully equipped with all modern amenities; air conditioning, computer access, broadband and WIFI, multi-media screens and sound devices, wheelchair access…

Letra Hispánica

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