Spanish language & culture course for students between 14 and 17 years old

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Spanish Language & Culture for High School Students Spanish Language & Culture for High School Students

Spanish language & culture course for students between 14 and 17 years old


Minimum age: 14 y.o.
Level of Spanish: From absolute beginners to advanced. Students will be placed in groups of similar level.


Classes consists of:

  • 10 hours of grammar class,
  • 5 hours of conversation/use of Spanish, and
  • 5 hours of Workshops, the objective of which is some pleasant and entertaining practice of the language.

It is possible to replace some of these classes with either Business Spanish or Spanish Culture.

Max. 10 students per classroom.

Workshops and Activities outside of class

"Recreo" (recreational) activities:
Paradise: Welcome party, Farewell party. Traditional Salamancan celebrations.
The city of Wonders: Tours throughout Salamanca and visits to the city museums (Casa Lys, with its splendid collection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the Film Museum, and the Antique Car Museum, among others), galleries and art exhibits.
Hallmarks of Identity: Introduction to Salamancan folklore and cuisine.
Joys and Shadows: Afternoon in the Salamancan countryside.

These are special classes where students put into practice some aspect of Hispanic culture, develop their creative capacities and have fun working in a group setting:
¡Flash!: Photography workshop that culminates in the creation of a photo album.

¡Ponte al día!: Latest news.
¡Vaya, vaya, aquí no hay playa!: History of Spanish culture through song.
¡No te enteras, Contreras!: Study of the values of Spanish society a look at culture shock for visitors to Spain.

One-day (Saturday) Excursions
Price includes two trips per month with varying itineraries: Madrid, Ávila, Toledo, ...


Students stay with families carefully selected by our experts. Accommodations consist of a single room, three meals per day and laundry.

Students can make contact with their host family prior to their arrival.

Host families provide students with a healthy Mediterranean diet, high in fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds, olive oil, dairy products, fish and poultry. Red meat consumed in low to moderate amounts.

Host families also can cater to special health accommodations and dietary needs or preferences. After registration, we provide students with a secure form telling us about these needs and preferences.

The students can ask for a change of family without the need to give a reason.

Health and Safety Issues.

Health and safety of our students is our primary concern.
24hr. emergency telephone contact.
Resident tutor assistance available, including outside class hours and weekends.


Madrid-airport transfer to student accommodation in Salamanca or vice versa.

Private Bus:

  • To and from the airport parking. Hourly departures every day. The transport company that owns the bus is not affiliated with Letra Hispánica.
  • Price: € 43.00 per passenger.

Designated Letra Hispánica Bus:

  • Organized by Letra Hispánica for groups (min. 15 students). Reception/farewell in the airport arrival/departure areas.
  • Free Service for groups (min. 15 students).

Designated Letra Hispánica Taxi:

  • Reception/farewell in the airport arrival/departure areas. Max. 3 passengers per car.
  • Price per journey: € 95,00.

Mandatory Chaperone Service for students under 16:

  • Chaperone by Letra Hispánica representatives in the airport arrival/departure areas.
  • This service is mandatory for students under the age of 16 traveling to/from the airport to/from Salamanca on public transport or private bus.
  • Not applicable to the designated taxi services since these have Letra Hispánica assistance.
  • Price: € 110,00 per passenger.

Special Note: Students aged 16 and 17 need parental permission to use private bus or public transport without the assistance of Letra Hispánica representatives during their airport/Salamanca and vice versa transfers.

Items included in the price

  • Tuition (25 hours per week), max. 10 students per classroom.
  • Lodging in host family carefully selected by experts. Single room, three meals per day and laundry.
  • Free internet access.
  • Two one-day trips per month.
  • 24 hours emergency phone.
  • Free transport to and from the airport for groups with a minimum of 10 students.

Items not included in the price

For individual students, please add the cost of the transfer from Madrid’s Barajas airport to Salamanca and vice versa.

Classes have a duration of 55 minutes

Individual tuition

One to one: 30,00 €/hour


  • 1 week: € 650,00
  • 2 weeks: € 1.100,00
  • 3 weeks: € 1.650,00
  • 4 weeks: € 2.000,00

Enrollment: € 50


    • Jan: 1st
    • March: 29th and 30th
    • April: 23rd
    • May: 1st
    • Jun: 12nd
    • Aug: 15th
    • Oct: 12th
    • Nov: 1st
    • Dec: 6th and 25th

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