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This course will set the foundations of the essential knowledge on the legal language in Spain, and it will also provide an overview on the Spanish legal system. To do so, the students will study the general features of the legal Spanish as a specialized language, both at a macrotextual and microtextual level, with a review of the different linguistic sources that shaped the discourse of legal Spanish nowadays. Also, the program includes an analysis of the terminology that is applied to the legal discourse, with special emphasis on the technical and semi-technical vocabulary.

A second bloc of contents of the course will focus on the different translation problems associated with the vocabulary of legal Spanish and on the most common phraseological structures. Finally, the students will carry out an analysis of the different genres associated with legal Spanish, and a review of the most common discourse modes and the text typology which is regularly used in the Spanish context.

This a three week course with 60 hours of lessons in total.

Individual tuition

One to one: 30,00 €/hour

Dates (school period)


For groups on demand

  • from 8 to 28 August 2016
  • from 9 to 29 January 2017



  • € 1.800,00


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    • March: 29th and 30th
    • April: 23rd
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    • Dec: 6th and 25th

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