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Health and Safety Issues

Health and safety of our students is our primary concern.

  • 24hr. emergency telephone contact.
  • Resident tutor assistance available, including outside class hours and weekends.

Health insurance:

Students from The European Union need to obtain in their home countries insurance cover for the Spanish Public Health System.

Other students can choose between bringing their own health insurance (they will need to provide a copy for Letra Hispánica) or asking us for help to get one here in Spain or in their country. The cost is approximately €35 per month.

Please follow this link for insurance-related information:

In any event, whatever happens, Letra Hispánica will assist the students in the case of accident or illness and will contact the student’s parents or legal guardians.

We provide full information about risks before departure and during your stay.

Chaperone by Letra Hispánica representatives is provided upon arrival at the airport, departure and during the commute to/from Salamanca.

Parents or legal guardians can dictate guidelines and restrictions regarding students' day-to-day life.

Letra Hispánica

C/ Peña Primera, 18.
37002 SALAMANCA (Spain)
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